TV 8 –  The D35 motorway from Opatovice nad Labem to Vysoké Mýto Vikýřovice Road Museum

Date: 4 October 2023, 8:00–18:00 ENG, FR, ES, CZ

 D35 motorway

When the D35 motorway is completed, its combined route with the D11 will provide a second high-capacity west-east link as far as Mohelnice, relieving the heavily congested D1 motorway from Prague to Brno. In 2009, the three-kilometre Sedlice – Opatovice section between the D11 motorway and road I/37 was finished, and in 2015 a kilometre-long flyover was completed across the intersection with this road, with the D35 motorway on the third level continuing onto its Opatovice – Časy section. That 12.6 km long section was only opened recently, in December 2021, and its largest structure is an elevated roadway stretching over the Labe (Elbe) River and its 1,047 m floodplain. The subsequent 14.7 km Časy – Ostrov section was put into service in December 2022. Its most interesting bridge, with a length of 176 m, has been designed as a single structure for both motorway directions. This was built by casting two symmetrical concrete beams on top of falsework set up parallel to the tracks on each side of a railway line, and then rotating them into place. Work on the further connecting sections will commence in phases over the period 2023 – 2026, with the entire remaining stretch to Mohelnice scheduled to be operational in 2028.


Road Museum in Vikýřovice by Šumperk

The museum’s permanent exhibition tells the story of roads, from the most ancient trails through to the modern roads we see in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia today. Visitors will learn about the hard work of road workers, and the permanent exhibition also includes countless historical maps, documents, chronicles, rare photographs and old traffic signs. The museum has an extraordinary collection of service and company badges and medals, a restored road sleigh, a barouche, and an original drag shoe once used for braking carriages. Another story is also told in the Via est vita exhibition, a section where visitors can discover all about the development of road bridges, going back to the earliest times.

Tour programme:

Coach 1 – A

08.00–09.30    Transfer from the Prague Congress Centre to Opatovice nad Labem, at the elevated crossing of the D35 with road I/37 – start of the tour

09.30–12.00    Tour of the large elevated crossing, with commentary on other sections at suitable locations along the route depending on the options available; stops likely by the elevated roadway across the Elbe River and by the ‘rotated bridge’ then continuing via Vysoké Mýto and Litomyšl to Mohelnice; conclusion of the tour of the D35 motorway

12.00–13.00    Transfer to the Vikýřovice Road Museum via Zábřeh and Šumperk

13.00–14.30    Commentary on the Museum’s history and exhibits; tour of its indoor and outdoor exhibits

14.30–18.00    Transfer from Vikýřovice via Žamberk and Hradec Králové to the Prague Congress Centre with one stop along the route

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