TV 1 – The Prague Outer Ring Road (PORR): 

D1 motorway junction – Slivenec + Rudná control centre

Date: 4 October 2023, 9:00-12:45 EN, 13:00–16:45 FR, ES, CZ

This 23 km long set of structures (sections 512 – 514), which was put into service in September 2010, comprises the south-western motorway segment around Prague, and together with the previously built section 515 (Slivenec – Třebonice) connects the D1 Prague – Brno motorway with the D5 Prague – Plzeň motorway. This segment of the PORR passes through 2 large tunnels – the Komořany Tunnel (1,930 m) and the Lochkov Tunnel (1,660 m), and the entire valley of the Vltava and Berounka rivers is spanned by a 2,291 m long bridge complex composed of a bridge over the Vltava (236 m) and the Lahovice elevated roadway (2055 m).  

The tour will end with a visit to the Rudná motorway control centre, which handles traffic control on this whole segment plus 20 km of the connecting D1 motorway to Brno.

Tour programme:

 Morning                  Afternoon

09.00–09.30                13.00–13.30     
Transfer from the Prague Congress Centre to Modletice, car park above the motorway ring road

09.30–11.00                13.30–15.00     
Commentary on the project, tour of the intersection with the D1 depending on the current situation on site; additional stops: Lahovice below the Radotín Bridge, Lochkov in a location with a view of the Lochkov Bridge

11.00–11.15                15.00–15.15     
Transfer from Lochkov to Rudná

11.15–12.15                15.15–16.15     
Visit to the Rudná motorway control centre – (likely in two groups, with a commentary in the meeting room and a tour of the control room)

12.15–12.45                16.15–16.45     
Transfer from Rudná to the Prague Congress Centre


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