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Word from the President of PIARC

It is my pleasure to invite you to the PIARC XXVIIth World Road Congress that will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. The Congress will take place at the Convention Centre from 2–6 October 2023.

The theme of the Congress is “Prague 2023 – Together on the road again”. An apt theme given that the pandemic has kept us apart for far too long.

Development and economic growth are requirements for countries to prosper. However, the pandemic and the challenges posed by having to consider resilience in the supply and maintenance of road infrastructure taught us to move past the pragmatism of this approach. Our approach should encompass social goals, work toward reducing poverty, and promote innovation that leads to the improvement of the quality of life. Road infrastructure, as a community asset, has shown itself through the years to be a powerful tool in improving the quality of life and promoting social cohesion. However, ensuring sustainability thereof requires integrated, participating, and inclusive processes to achieve the desired results.

It is imperative that developed and developing countries alike join hands and take responsibility for our shared goals of sustainable development and push back the frontiers of poverty. Road infrastructure has always played a pivotal role in enabling socio-economic development of societies.

PIARC since its inception has taken the lead in gathering the world road community at its Congresses to share knowledge, experiences, and cement bonds between its diverse group of members. Although the Strategic Plan directs and guides the activities of PIARC during a given cycle, its main objective of international cooperation and technology transfer has always been retained.

During this cycle, the Strategic Plan has, inter alia, comprises four themes, namely:

• Road Administration;
• Mobility;
• Resilient Infrastructure; and
• Safety and Sustainability.

The Congress programme features the presentation of the results of the work undertaken by PIARC’s 24 Committees and Task Forces, as well as several specialized sessions and workshops dealing with topics of current and future interest and a large exhibition in which road administrations, equipment and service providers, consultants and road-related organizations will be present. Ministers will be present to share their views on the status and future of roads and road transport.

We also invite experts from around the world, researchers as well as practitioners, to submit articles in answer to our International Call for Papers and to present their views on the technical, social, and  economic best practices related to the road sector.

This World Road Congress will see a return to an in-person event, and it will thus offer all road professionals a unique opportunity to discuss information on current trends and challenges for roads and road transportation all over the world.

On behalf of PIARC, I express my sincere gratitude to the Government of the Czech Republic for their commitment to host and organize the Congress and their efforts to ensure that the event is a great success.
I invite you to mark this event on your agenda and look forward to meeting you in Prague in 2023.

Nazir Alli
PIARC President

Nazir Alli
PIARC President

World Road



World Road



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4th circular


4th circular


4th circular


4th circular


Call for academia


Call for academia


Call for academia



World road congress

Welcome from the 1st delegate

As the Czech Republic’s First Delegate to PIARC, let me express firm intention and interest of the Czech Road Society and Prague to host the XXVII World Road Congress in the year 2023. The candidature of the Czech Republic is supported by Slovakia and the Slovak National Committee.

A Word from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The World Road Congress in Prague will be a major event of 2023. The Czech Road Society, founded in 1934, has made extraordinary efforts to host this event, which brings with it recognition of the longstanding work of Czech experts and their experience in the field of transport infrastructure. We have had significant support in this from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of Prague and former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

The congress, which will be attended by 3,000 to 5,000 delegates, mostly from abroad, will present the latest trends and technologies in the road transport sector. While the Prague congress is running, the Ministers of Transport from the almost 130 member countries of the association will meet to share their insights and discuss the challenges posed by the  modernisation of their national road  infrastructure.

The Czech Road Society believes that this prestigious project will not only afford a chance to meet the world’s best experts here in Prague, but will also provide impetus for a restart, a renaissance of the road sector in the Czech Republic. I hope that this event, with its associated activities, will restore the industry to a prominent position in the eyes of the general public, and attract young people, schoolchildren and students, back into the field. Infrastructure is absolutely critical for a country’s social and economic development, and the Czech Road Society intends to be actively involved in that development. Our representatives, therefore, want to rekindle interest in this area not only in Czech and Slovak technical universities, but also to start one step earlier, in secondary and vocational schools.

I look forward to meeting you in Prague!

Petr Mondschein

World Road Congress
welcome – the Czech
Road Society

We would like to invite you to the heart of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic, and the City of 100 Spires – Prague. It would be a great honour for the Czech Road Society, r.c. and the National Committee of the Czech Republic PIARC to have the opportunity to welcome the participants.

A Word from the Chair
of the Slovak Road Association

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted that the World Road Congress will take place in Prague in 2023, and I believe this is also thanks to the fact that Slovakia and the Slovak Road Association supported Prague’s candidacy. It only goes to show the extraordinary level of cooperation between Slovakia and the Czech Republic and,
above all, between our partner road associations.

We are proud to participate in the organisation of the congress and, with a little bit of nostalgia, we remember the era when our two countries, together in what was then Czechoslovakia, hosted the Road Congress in 1971.

Once every four years, the World Road Congress brings together experts from all over the world, offering an exceptional opportunity to professionals in the road construction and road management industries – researchers, road administrators, designers, construction companies, and university teachers and students.

There are multiple ways to take part in this major event, ranging from the chance to present a lecture on one’s work to attending the Congress to benefit from the latest insights and know-how in the field, networking with world experts or introducing one’s business, organisation, or country in one of the exhibition booths.

I am immensely honoured to invite you to the most prestigious industry event organised by PIARC, and I hope you will avail yourself of this unique opportunity.

I look forward to meeting you at the World Road Congress in Prague on 2–6 October 2023.
Ján Šedivý

WRC 2023 Secretariat:

C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE

Tel.: +420 296 219 600

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