• The organiser reserves the right to cancel any tour in case less than 10 delegates registered.
    • On-site requests for guided tours are welcome but cannot be guaranteed. There will be a Info point where the available tours will be for onsite sale.
    • A cancellation free of charge is possible until 1 September 2023. In case of later cancellation, it is not possible to process any refund.

Full Day Excursions

The Hundred-Spired Prague


1 October 2023

€ 89

UNESCO heritage since 1992.

The full-day Prague excursion begins when our guide picks you up at Prague Congress Centre (congress venue).

We will first drive the Strahov monastery, the quick basic tour includes a quick peek into its marvelous library – often ranked in the top 5 most beautiful libraries in the world (we can also arrange entry and a private tour of the library upon request). You will be amazed by the view of the Lesser Town and the castle from the monastery terrace.

We continue to the Prague castle, where (apart from the free zones and courtyards) we will show you the breath-taking St.Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St.George’s church , and the Golden Lane. Next on the list is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of one of the gardens around the castle or John Lennon’s wall in Kampa park.

The other dominant of Prague is the Charles Bridge, the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic, and its 30 monumental statues. We can climb up the bridge tower to take great photos of the river+bridge+castle combo (no lift!).
Then we transfer to the Old Town and have a free time for lunch. Afterward, we will show you the Old Town square with its richly decorated burger houses, Tyn church, St.Nicholas church and the statue of Jan Hus. Finally, you can enjoy the 400-year old moving Astronomical Clock (Orloj) of the gorgeous Old Townhall. We recommend to go up to the Old Townhall Tower to experience the bird’s view of the Old Town.

Based on your preference, we can just take a stroll through the Jewish Quarter, or we can add a combined ticket to the Jewish museum, cemetery, and a synagogue or two. Mind you, the itinerary may become tight.

Next on the list is Municipal House, where the opening of the world-famous music festival Prague Spring takes place every year. We can see the free zone around the entrance and the restaurants and/or have a coffee in their gorgeous cafe and move on. Or we can arrange a public guided tour and show you the amazing Smetana Hall and richly decorated interiors. Again, we may need to shorten some other program.

If enough time left, we will drive to through the city to the Zizkov Tower where you can oversee the whole Prague.

Magical Moravia – Telč (UNESCO), Třebíč (UNESCO), Brno, Kroměříž (UNESCO), Olomouc (UNESCO)


29 September – 1 October 2023

 Tour is not available.

UNESCO monuments, castles and chateaux, wine, peculiar folklore traditions and unique technical monuments can all be found in Moravia. 

During this tour we will visit four UNESCO monuments that rank among the most attractive locations: Telč  fairytale-like little town with sromantic chateau and crystal clear fishponds surrounding the city. This the most perfect example of the Italian Renaissance north of the Alps. 

Třebíč – old medieval architecture, the magical meandering alleys of Jewish Quarters, and the tranquillity of a small city.  

Kroměříž a picturesque historical city with townhouses and arcades, the monumental archbishop’s chateau, the wonderful gardens spreading out around this and the archbishop’s cellars with their unique wine.  

Olomouc– the historical heart of Olomouc is dominated by the Holy Trinity Column, which is included in the UNESCO list, is the second most important monument zone in the Czech Republic after Prague.  

Brno – pulsing South Moravian capital perfectly combines history, modern architecture, culture and busy nightlife in original bars. You have to see the legendary Tugendhat Villa (gardens), the mysterious underground and many more … 

South Moravia – land of sun and wine – Znojmo, Lednice-Valtice area (UNESCO), wine cellars Petrov – Plže, Baťův canal, Slavkov (Battle of the Three Emperors 1805)


29 September – 1 October 2023

 Tour is not available.

Znojmo – a historic town centre with its numerous churches, all surrounded by mediaeval city walls, has preserved its Renaissance look and is full of crooked lanes, romantic views and picturesque nooks and crannies. Znojmo is also the centre of a well-known wine region. 

The Lednice-Valtice Complex: a landscape of monuments and wine 

Tour of a magnificent chateau, a romantic stroll around an Islamic minaret, ancient church, white rock walls. A gorgeous landscape of historical landmarks and vineyards whose beauty has earned it the title the Garden of Europe, and which is one of the prettiest places on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. 

Plže –  wine cellars: concentration of high-quality wine  

Bata Canal – The Baťa Canal: a phenomenal feat of engineering  

Slavkov (Battle of  three emperors – 1805) – You can commemorate the most famous Napoleonic battle, Austerlitz, at the château in Slavkov near Brno, at the Peace Monument.  It took place on December 2nd, 1805, and using ingenious tactics the French emperor was able to defeat a much greater force in a more strategic position. 

PRE-congress visit Southwestern Slovakia – Bratislava, Cultural Programme, Red Stone Castle, Small Carpathian Wine Route – Rača


29 September –1 October 2023

 Tour is not available.


Day 1 

15:00–19:00 Check-in in a 4-star hotel

19:00–22:00 Dinner in a  restaurant 

Day 2 

07:00–8:30 Breakfast at the hotel 

09:00–11:00 Cultural programme – walk around the historical centre of Bratislava 

11:00–12:00 Technical visit – coach tour of the bridges in Bratislava with designers, terminating in Pezinok 

12:00–13:30 Lunch at a restaurant – MATYŠÁK Vinum Galéria Bozen in Pezinok 

14:00–15:30 Tour of the Red Stone Castle 

16:30–19:00 Small Carpathian Wine Route – Rača  

19:30–22:00 Dinner in a 4-star hotel

Day 3 

7:00–10:00 Breakfast at the hotel 

10:00–15:00 Departure for the transfer to Prague 

PRE-congress tour – Southwestern Slovakia – Bratislava’s historical centre, Professional Programme, Cultural Programme, Red Stone Castle, Small Carpathian Wine Route – Rača


Day 1 

If you are interested in this pre-congress visit, you will need to arrange your trip to Bratislava from Prague or Vienna and the transfer to a 4-star hotel on your own. If need be, please do not hesitate to contact us – we can give you advice and help on transport. 

The 4-star hotel is situated within the broader centre of Bratislava. It offers easy access on foot directly to the city’s historical centre, which stretches all the way to the Danube River through a promenade, in a residential neighbourhood on the edge of the city centre with a unique atmosphere. Within walking distance are a new, modern bus station, the Eurovea premium shopping centre with its promenade on the bank of the Danube, and a local market selling fresh local produce.

After the check-in, dinner will be served at a restaurant offering traditional Slovak cuisine.

Day 2 

The day will start with an exquisite breakfast at the hotel, after which a guided walk of Bratislava’s heritage centre will follow.

    • Bratislava Castle is a set of structures within a heritage complex, which takes up the summit of a hill on a southwest cliff of the Small Carpathian ridge on the left bank of the Danube in Bratislava. Dominating the castle is the monumental former royal palace, which defines the signature panorama of Slovakia’s capital. Having played a significant role in the history of the Great Moravia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and modern Slovakia, Bratislava Castle is a major monument of the social and historical development in the area.
    • Michael’s Gate is one of the essential symbols of Bratislava. Of the original four gates providing access to the fortified medieval city, only the gate in Michael’s Tower has survived.  
    • Primate’s Palace is a classicist-style palazzo from the 18th century, on whose premises the representatives of the French and Austrian Emperors signed the Peace of Pressburg following Napoleon’s victory in the Battle of Austerlitz. At present, it is a gallery keeping a rare collection of six English tapestries. 
    • The Slovak National Theatre building is a neo-Renaissance structure in Hviezdoslav Square, the site of the historical theatre building. The building is a national cultural landmark. Its history dates back to 1920, shortly after the inception of the first Czecho-Slovak Republic.
    • Primate’s Palace is a classicist-style palazzo from the 18th century, on whose premises the representatives of the French and Austrian Emperors signed the Peace of Pressburg following Napoleon’s victory in the Battle of Austerlitz. At present, it is a gallery keeping a rare collection of six English tapestries.
    • A parish church is the pride and joy of any Christian town. This applies without a doubt to St Martin’s Cathedral – Bratislava’s largest, oldest, and most elaborate church dating back to the 14th century. St Martin’s Cathedral was the coronation church from 1563 to 1830. 
    • Tourists will stop by for downright ceremonial photo opportunity with the Man at Work statue. Rybárska brána (Fishermen’s Gate) is a short lane in Bratislava’s historical centre.
    • The Presidential Palace is the dominant landmark in Hodža Square. It was built after 1760 as a garden palace for Anton Grassalkovich with a decorative garden.
    • Church of St Elisabeth (Blue Church) is an Art Nouveau ecclesiastical sight in Bratislava’s Old Town. Dedicated to Hungarian Saint Elisabeth (from the Arpad royal family), it was intended as a symbolic mausoleum for Empress Elisabeth (Sissi).

    The coach trip for lunch will actually constitute a technical visit focused on the solutions addressing traffic situation in Bratislava, stemming from the necessity to commence building a ring road and erect several bridges over the Danube. Currently, the city is traversed by the D1 and D2 motorways, managed by the National Motorway Company (three bridges over the Danube) and the D4 motorway (one bridge over the Danube), which is being managed by the D4/R7 concession company (Zero Bypass) and constructed as a PPP project. Two bridges on the city’s roads are under the City of Bratislava’s management.

    Lunch will be served at the MATYŠÁK Vinum Galéria Bozen restaurant. The restaurant is located in a heritage winemaker’s house, more than 300 years old, in Holuby Street in Pezinok. This exquisite dining venue offers its guests fresh culinary experiences every day, serving a Slovak origin and character with a pinch of international inspiration. The fact that Slovak cuisine and its tradition can be presented in a tasty and attractive manner was also confirmed by the evaluators of the Trend weekly who bestowed a four-star rating on the restaurant.

    The coach will then continue to the Red Stone Castle for a guided tour. Situated just a few dozen kilometres from Bratislava, the Red Stone is the most beautiful castle in the Small Carpathians and one of Slovakia’s best-preserved monuments. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt into a massive fortress whose fortification system was among the best in terms of the period military and defensive strategy. The Fugger family is responsible for remodelling a former regal castle dating back to the 13th century into the massive fortress in the first half of the 16th century, but the Pálffy family owned the property from 1583 until World War II. The premier Hungarian noble family gradually rebuilt the castle into a presentational residence with extensive stucco and fresco decorations in the interiors. The Pálffy family lived at the castle until 1945. Visitors have an opportunity to admire reminders of the castle’s famed times and scenes from its illustrious past during events such as fencing festivals and falconry shows. It is also possible to experience a unique atmosphere during night-time tours in the summer.

    The trip will then continue to Rača for a tour of vineyards on the Small Carpathian Wine Route. Rača is famous primarily for its extensive winemaking tradition dating back to the times of Roman legions. The quality of Rača’s winemakers’ output has always been vastly superior even to the famed Small Carpathian winemaking centres. The popularity of wines from Rača increased even further when Empress Maria Theresa granted the Rača winemakers the right to sell their Blaufrankisch wine to the imperial court in Vienna. The Rača wines are among the finest in the Small Carpathians region and are always sold at a premium compared with others. They have often been  used to improve other wines or sold as dessert wine. It was exported to Silesia via Austria, and large quantities sold in Bratislava as well.

    Finally, a well-deserved and exquisite dinner will be served back at the hotel.

    Day 3

    Following a breakfast at the hotel, we will board a coach and relocate to Prague, directly in front of the Congress Centre, which will host the World Road Congress 2023 commencing the very next day.

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