Dear Members of the Executive Committee and colleagues,

we would like to invite you to the heart of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic, and the City of 100 Spires – Prague. It would be a great honor for the Czech Road Society, r.c. and the National Committee of the Czech Republic AIPCR / PIARC to have the opportunity to welcome the participants of the XXVII World Road Congress to Prague in 2023.

The Czech Road Society together with the National Committee AIPCR I PIARC and support of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Road Society will organize an excellent meeting of road construction specialists, construction companies, representatives of innovation and research sector. We are proud to introduce what has changed in our transport infrastructure over the last 50 years, since 1971, when the XIV World Road Congress took place in Prague for the first time behind the “Iron Curtain”.

Prague offers wonderful hospitality for the PIARC World Road Congress. Looking forward to meeting with you in Prague.


Yours faithfully,

Ing. Václav Neuvirt, CSc.

President of National Committee 

Ing. Petr Mondschein, Ph.D.

President of Czech Road Society

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